METROPOLIS Collection, design enio calosi

Modular design, functional full and empty volumes.
Metropolis, a collection based on the contemporary architecture, on rigorous volumes, with alternation of full and empty ones , played by natural tonalities, refined chromatisms or purity of absolute white.

METROPOLIS 01 - cm 240_lacquered white M86 matt_blanched natural walnut

METROPOLIS 02 - cm 135 lacquered white M86 matt_blanched natural walnut

Simplicity and rigorous as a guideline

The research of elements that answer to functional and aesthetical needs, has leaded us to the realization of project Metropolis, cosy tops and basins, designed for a daily use, made of small gestures and great comforts.

METROPOLIS 03 - cm 22+130+22 lacquered white M86 matt_natural walnut

METROPOLIS 04 - cm 120+180 laqured white M86 matt_natural walnut

METROPOLIS 05 - CM 120+152 lacquered white M86 matt_blanched natural walnut

METROPOLIS 06 - cm 221 lacquered white M86 matt_ natural walnut

Ergonomic gentle bends, designed for daily lives

The Metropolis collection is enhanced by curved elements and softly ergonomic shapes, also ideal for small spaces. Available in a wide range of wood and lacquered finishes, they propose elegant solutions which are a pleasure to experience every day.

METROPOLIS 07 - cm 119_lacquered stone M92 matt

METROPOLIS 08 - cm 70 - lacquered-ground M91 matt

METROPOLIS 09 - cm 35+104 oak rope coulored

METROPOLIS 10 - cm 138 lacquered aubergine G74 gloss

METROPOLIS 11 - cm 70_ lacquered grey G88 gloss

Compact volumes, designed to store and decorate

Large containers, accessorised internally to meet a variety of needs, for use either suspended or on the floor, combined in a range of compositions and completed with wall units and columns, create the perfect solution for spaces of all sizes.

METROPOLIS 12 - cm 160 lacquered white M86 matt_oak coloured ash grey

METROPOLIS 13 - cm 120+105+72 lacquered white M86 matt_blanched natural walnut

METROPOLIS 14 - cm 60+90+38 lacquered white M86 matt- wengè

METROPOLIS 15- cm 330 lacquered white M86 matt_blanched natural walnut

METROPOLIS 16 - cm 175 lacquered white M86 matt_ground G91 gloss

METROPOLIS 17 - cm 120 natural walnut

Velvety or shining colours, to personalize and to create a unique atmosphere

A wide production, inspired by the latest trends of interior design, which proposes sober colours - refined and never banal - choosen to match with woods and stones selection, and to offer the pleasant living solutions.

METROPOLIS 18 cm 140 - lacquered white G86 gloss_wistaria G78 gloss

METROPOLIS 19 cm 90+38+38 lacquered white G86 gloss, ocher G90 gloss

METROPOLIS 20 cm 180 lacquered white M86 matt slate-gray M89 matt

METROPOLIS 21 - cm 120 lacquered white M86 matt_lime green M86 matt

METROPOLIS 22 cm 120 lacquered lavander G 76 gloss

METROPOLIS 23 cm 120 lacquered lavander G76 gloss

METROPOLIS 25 - cm 180+38+38+38_lacquered white N86 matt_gyon M69 matt

METROPOLIS 24 - cm 160 lacquered tobacco M93 matt white M86 matt

METROPOLIS 26 - cm 120 lacquered sand grey G87 gloss

Bathtub METROPOLIS art. MT10 cm. 170x70x50 h. Tecnoril matt

wash-basin METROPOLIS cm. 70x37x13 h._Tecnoril matt/gloss



In addition to the new Metropolis washbasin top made of matt or gloss Tecnoril, the collection also proposes a wide range of counter top washbasins made of ceramic or resin, incorporate washbasin tops made of crystal or Tecnoril, and tops made of wood, marble or with lacquered finishes.

Metropolis is characterised by extensive modularity and the possibility to work with suspended base units in different heights or units fitted with feet.

The washbasin units are available in depths of 40 cm and 51 cm.

40 standard matt or gloss lacquered colours, also available on open-pore oak, as well as all the RAL lacquer shades make it possible to find the colour for every room.

20 different wood finishes are available on multilayer veneered with real wood.

The programme presents open container elements for combination in a variety of compositions.

Available in different heights and widths and in all the finishes of the Metropolis collection, they become functional and attractive furnishing elements.

The Metropolis collection envisages a wide range of container elements.

Deep drawers, baskets and interior drawers are joined by container mirrors and columns to optimise and organise space.

The comfortable and elegant bathtub fits perfectly into the Metropolis programme, proposing the most rigorous design.

The bathtub is made of Tecnoril, a high-tech material in terms of practicality and aesthetics, also used for the Metropolis washbasin.

The Metropolis collection uses only the finest quality materials and crafting processes. The wide range of woods available is extended with new essences such as natural and bleached Canaletto walnut and rope oak and ash grey oak with a matt finish. Slight changes in colour are to be expected with a natural material.

The lacquered range is available in matt and gloss versions. The colours featured in the catalogue are indicative and may be subject to alterations. For a correct assessment and choice of the colours, please see the LASAIDEA lacquer colour chart. Use a soft, dry cloth to clean the doors.

The innovative Tecnoril material in matt and gloss white versions is used for tops and washbasins, in addition to glass and ceramic. For their correct maintenance, use a damp cloth and non-abrasive cleanser. Do not use alcohol or solvents.

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